Finding Lien was a godsend cos not only can she arch my brows- she is passionate about it Read More
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How Lien changed my life, my brows and made my mother a very happy woman

When I was producer at Primped I was very nicely asked by Zoe Foster if I would mind being in
a video with Lien on how to shape your brows. And that’s when it all changed...

As a teenager I plucked my brows into what I thought was a very standard arch and had been
doing the same ever since. When my mother saw me, she cried. Yes - actually cried. And from
then on I was subject to a sort of torrent of eyebrow abuse from my mortified mother. She
would shove pictures of full browed women under the bathroom door as I plucked away.
She would email me pictures of Brooke Shields, Madonna and Isabella Rossellini.
Sometimes we would be talking and I’d see her eyes raise and water slightly as she observed
the remnants of my once thick brows...

So, when Lien took a quick squiz of my face, and surmised politely that she would introduce
me as an example of ‘what not to do’, years of criticism had prepared me. She plucked and
trimmed and shaped and filled – and then, there it was, the moment of truth – beautiful, thick
shapely brows that fitted my face and made me look approximately 100% better.

It was wonderful...and awful at the same time. How could I ever go back? How could I now
bare to live with my sparse and spindly brows??

And that’s when Lien saved me. With her warm professionalism Lien has guided and supported
me through the non plucking stage. She has diligently shaped and tweaked and taken genuine
delight in her work and the regrowth and shaping of my brows.

And now when my mother sees me the first thing she says is “Your eyebrows look lovely” and
she wells with pride. She didn’t think it was possible and second to me, is Lien’s number one fan.

Susie Bolt

Producer, writer, teacher
Finding Lien was a godsend cos not only can she arch my brows- she is passionate about it

She is a perfectionist & knows what she is doing... that's rare - let me tell you! Also if she has time she will do this incredible face pressure point massage which is HEAVEN!!!! (Oh I want one now...!) I love the way Lien does my makeup too - fresh as a pansy! We love that! thanku!!! " xxx

Bianca Dye
Media Personality

I recommend her to all of my friends

Lien has built up a remarkable reputation for her professionalism, precision and crafts"woman"ship. I love the natural look and Lien's ability with makeup is unparalleled. I see Lien for my regular eyebrow shaping and a good girly chat. I recommend her to all of my friends. She takes the time to understand your needs and lifestyle requirements and really cares about making you beautiful. And every time after I see her, I truly do feel more beautiful.

Thanks Lien

Shelly (Michelle Segaert)
Senior Corporate Counsel, Allco Finance Group Limited (as a busy corporate lawyer in a man's world, looking your best is important!)

Lien gives me guidance and confidence on how to incorporate new looks, shades or tones that fit in with my lifestyle

Lien is really skilled at working with my face shape and features to shape my eyebrows in such a way that I don't need to do much maintenance between visits.

She's given me excellent advice on the importance of having (and using!) the right tools to get the results I need. We've held a couple of make up and eyebrow workshops with girlfriends which have been great fun and also a really good way to learn some tips and tricks and update our look.

Kate Aitken
Human Resources Manager

Lien is incredible with brows!!!

I love her work; she shapes beautifully, well defined but a natural look. Her makeup skills are also brilliant; she has done my face for many events, premieres and photo shoots, and she always does an incredible job. Together we have experimented with various looks, from natural to high glamour, and she gets it right every time.

I highly recommend her.

Annalise Braakensiek
Model and Actor

She is a true professional and helped me get back the beautiful arched brows

I did not fully appreciate the impact that well-shaped brows and well-applied makeup could have on my life - that is, until I met Lien! I wouldn't let an amateur cut my hair, and now I understand why brows should be no different.

Helen Stanish
Personal Shopper and Stylist

The best investment in my beauty routine I've ever made

Lien is undoubtedly the Queen of eyebrows. After being a client of Liens for some time now, not only do I have the best eyebrows I've ever had, but Lien has also shown me her simple technique that allows me to maintain my eyebrows myself in between visits. Lien's passion and commitment to go above and beyond the usual "eyebrow service" and to always offer that little bit more that leaves you feeling totally pampered and beautiful is undoubtedly what keeps clients coming back again and again.

Melanie Cordony
Owner of Frangipani


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